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ME3 Hex numbers for dummies

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ME3 Hex numbers for dummies

Postby Bomma72 » 19 Apr 2014, 17:07

The dummies part is a play on the books, I am not calling anyone here a dummy so don't take offense.
Since I didn't see anything like this here and I have gotten good response from where I posted it in the cloning thread I thought I would post it here to highlight it.

If you are having trouble with the Hex numbers let me break it down for you. This also was somewhat confusing at first, and I have used Hex before doing stuff with MIDI and even modding Mass Effect 1 a tiny bit. There are different types of hex references, I read this somewhere else on this forum. ME3 use a kind which takes a hex number and splits it into 2 bytes but also reverses it right to left.

So to translate the numbers I have been using this site.

http://www.mathsisfun.com/binary-decima ... erter.html

In my example if you put in 1836 the hex you get back is 72C but that doesn't translate into two 2 byte numbers so you have to add a 0, now this part is important, remember you are reading right to left so ADD THE 0 TO THE BEGINNING OF THE NUMBER or 072C. Below is a full example of how to do it following everything I just explained.

1835 -- is our number to start.
72C -- this is after Hexadecimal translation (see page above)
072C -- Added the 0 to the front if necessary.
07 2C -- Split the number into two 2 byte increments.
2C -- Now following the right to left 2 byte pattern this is the first 2 bytes you will have to enter.
07 -- And this is the second.

You still have to know where to put the numbers and I will leave that for the other tutorials here and elsewhere, but at least now you will have an idea how to read and write them.

*** Also just a heads up, because of the way that objects are referenced the reference numbers listed next to the objects could be off by one when used in the hex tables. This is at least the case when using the cloning object method listed below See this thread
updated-adding-new-meshes-materials-textures-via-cloning-t1100.html *** this caused me a lot of headaches.
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Re: ME3 Hex numbers for dummies

Postby WarrantyVoider » 19 Apr 2014, 19:20

ME3 Creator comes with a hexconverter tool, so if anyone needs help, use that :P

EDIT: here a one-pic-tutorial :P

greetz WV
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Re: ME3 Hex numbers for dummies

Postby Bomma72 » 19 Apr 2014, 20:39

Wow I didn't know that that makes the process even easier.
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Re: ME3 Hex numbers for dummies

Postby Niire » 20 Apr 2014, 21:26

THAT might be what I need to fix my casual outfit cloning issues. Thank you both Bomma and WV! <3 I had used Bomma's method before and allllmost had it, lol. This new hex converter should fix the little mistake(s) I made otherwise. It seems to simply plug in the new numbers according the that one pic tutorial, is that correct? (Sorry been playing an ME1 run trying to get a proper spacer/war hero through without using Gibbed in ME2, lol.)
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