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Replace Collector/Reckoner/Dragon Age Armor with CAT6 Armor

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Replace Collector/Reckoner/Dragon Age Armor with CAT6 Armor

Postby puckhead73 » 13 Jan 2016, 18:57

One of the things I'd really like to see is have the Cat6 armor Cloneshep wears in Citadel added as an available armor replacing one of the above referenced armors. I think if there was a texture replacing it to look different from Cloneshep's that would be ideal. I know a mod was made awhile back that did this for femsheps, but nothing for maleshep.

I would be happy to do it, but I haven't really had time to dig into how to do this. Is the instructions on using UDK by WV in the tutorial section still the best way to do this? And I haven't had any luck finding any texture mods that change the look of the armor, is anyone aware of any that could be used?
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