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Replace space battle music

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Replace space battle music

Postby QuasaRo32 » 05 Jul 2016, 13:47

UPDATE: I managed to get it replaced. Just replacing it in Asset Explorer worked when I replaced DLC_CON_END folder files with clean install ones and just replaced there. Guess there was an issue with the files I originally used.

Hello. I've been trying to replace the space battle music. Now, I've read mr Fob's tutorials for both dialogue and music, and tried a lot of things, but I can't seem to make it work. Here is what I've discovered:

First I should say that I looked inside Asset Explorer to find the tracks that play. There are 2 of them, inside BioSnd_End001.pcc. They are called mus_end_001_1_fleets_arrive_wav and mus_end_001_1_military_loop_wav. I tried to replace them like you would dialogue files, but that didn't work. So I figured I had to find the wwise bank where they were stored. So I started with the first wav. Problem is i think I looked in all the wwisebanks related to these files and couldnt find the id.
Then I discovered that the 2 wav files are also in the extended cut dlc, in DLC_CON_END in the BioSnd_End001.pcc for that folder. So I figured these were the ones I was actually supposed to edit. But once again, just replacing them didnt work and the ID's were not in the wwisebank, or any wwisebank in the folder. Not even in the vanilla game( and I look through core.pcc and the other pcc's that are supposedly always running).

Then I did something that left me confused. I removed the DLC_CON_END_SFX.afc where the 2 wav files are saved, from the DLC_CON_END folder, and the afc for the other 2 identical wav files in the vannila game. Started the game and loaded up a save, music was still working in game...

Now the important part:
The ID in little endian for mus_end_001_1_fleets_arrive_wav in the BioSnd_End001.pcc in the DLC_CON_END folder is : B1 83 D4 0D
I have extracted several wwisebanks from DLC_CON_END and viewed the HEX with HxD, but this ID only occurs in BioSnd_End001.pcc wisebank ->Wwise_End001_DLC. The problem is, it's not in the DIDX section, it's waay down in the file and it looks like this :

Sorry for the long post. Had to make everything clear^^
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Stop music from looping

Postby QuasaRo32 » 07 Jul 2016, 21:44

Is there a way to stop music from looping when I replace it in the game? As in, the original music that was there was set to loop, but I want mine(which is longer) to go until the end. It wouldn't go over other music because my music would only last until the whole looping cycle lasted in the first place. Just wanted to know if it's possible.
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Re: Stop music from looping

Postby giftfish » 07 Jul 2016, 22:44

There's a "loop" checkbox in Wwise that I know will make a new track loop. Making sure that it's unchecked when you convert the new track should do it.

If not, then the looping is likely controlled by the Wwisebanks, and I'm not sure we know how to fix that yet.
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