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Research: How to turn your DLC pcc into a vanilla one

Semi-technical area to discuss content modding research and discoveries. Technical information necessary for coding tools should be posted in Technical Research on the Coders board.

Re: Research: How to turn your DLC pcc into a vanilla one

Postby FemShep » 26 May 2016, 05:02

Other easy ones are files from testpatch. Some times are like 5 exports and almost no data but still have a shader cache. I wonder if a sliding window viewer could help find a pattern.
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Re: Research: How to turn your DLC pcc into a vanilla one

Postby SirCxyrtyx » 26 May 2016, 18:28

Results of my investigation so far:
The Startup_HEN_PR_INT shadercache seems to have nothing but two arrays in it, one with 0x83 entires, and the other with 0x1C entries. Each entry is a name reference followed by 4 bytes of something. From looking at other ShaderCaches, I've determined that they all (or at least the ones I looked at) have these two arrays. The namerefs are obviously different from pcc to pcc, but the unknown 4 bytes are always the same. Some entries have the same 4 bytes. For example. these all have D2 7E 5C DD:
  • FTerrainDecalVertexFactory
  • FTerrainFullMorphDecalVertexFactory
  • FTerrainFullMorphVertexFactory
  • FTerrainMorphDecalVertexFactory
  • FTerrainMorphVertexFactory
  • FTerrainVertexFactory

And these both have 77 2B CC FF:
  • FVelocityPixelShader
  • FVelocityVertexShader

Cloning + doing a reconstructive of this file does not crash the game. That would seem to indicate that the ShaderCache does not contain its own offset, but contains the offsets of exports it references. If we could figure out which kinds of exports, then maybe we could do a search of the hex for them.
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