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Rev 745

Information and links to new stable & beta releases.

Rev 745

Postby KFreon » 24 Mar 2016, 10:46

#261 (Texplorer extracts DLC on startup always): SirCxyrtyx
--- Forgot to disable this. DLC Extraction now only occurs on toolset startup.

#260 (TPFTools game existence checks): SirCxyrtyx
--- Made this process a bit more generic apparently. Now looks for actual game binaries instead of launchers.
Can't remember why I looked for launchers in the first place...

#259 (Issues with path changer): SirCxyrtyx
--- This was getting BIOGame happy, and adding them all over the place. Again, don't know why I did it like that...

#256 (TPFtools preview cache not refreshed on delete): alvarome
--- Deleting jobs was a huge mess behind the scenes. Cleaned up the room and remembered to point the image to the next one.

#249 (Remove pathing settings): CreeperLava
#200 (DLC Extraction Pathing check): giftfish
--- Some changes behind the scenes. Pathing now all done from:
Main window -> Options -> Change Paths -> All at once.
This brings up the old TPFTools/Texplorer path changing window, allowing all paths to be changed.
The initial DLC extract/pathing check window at startup also changed, with the removal of the "Cancel to change paths" button at the bottom, replaced with a "Change" button near the pathing which shows that old path changing window.
Pathing options removed from TPFTools, Texplorer, and Modmaker.

#248 (TPFTools Suggestions): CreeperLava
--- Spacebar can now be used to check the texture entries in TPFTools.
I also noticed that I wanted to click on one, then extract/run but couldn't cos it wasn't checked. So I made it check on select as well.
This may backfire a bit, but it's easy to revert/change as necessary.
Also reworked the context menu at the bottom to be more compact and sensible.

#242 (Modmaker install error): giftfish
--- The script was getting hung up on stuff. Gave it a chill pill but fixed all it's OCD things anyway.

#140 (Modmaker DLC Extract warning): giftfish
--- __Metadata thought it was one of the cool kids. Reminded it that smoking isn't cool.

#234 (Modmaker error when no job selected): giftfish
--- Fixed. I forgot to change the name though.

Some more things:
- FIXED SCALING - i.e. if there're scaling issues, you're allowed to report them again. For now...
- TGA's can now be loaded. There is no mipmap support. I dunno what happens if you try to load one. NO saving support.

#257 (Adding names to an array in Interpreter): Kinkojiro
--- addArrayLeaf and deleteArrayLeaf no longer breaks name arrays

#254 (Level Editor default move speed): Kinkojiro
--- LevelEditor default move speed is 100, dropdown should work.

- PCCEd2: Archetype Name in Info tab was off by 1

- DLCEditor2 Unpack DLC now uses Vista+ style folder picker rather than the old one.

We neeeeeeed testers! The stable is just around the corner, so we need to get those last few horses in there.
To find out how you can help, see here.

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