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STICKY | How do I...

Basic questions on how to achieve certain modding goals with the toolset. Texture and mesh-related questions have their own subforum. Answers not guaranteed.

STICKY | How do I...

Postby giftfish » 27 Aug 2016, 21:05

This board is for standard toolset users with questions pertaining to modding Mass Effect with the toolset. Troubleshooting questions related to the game are also fine.

Please keep in mind the following when you post:

1. The ME3Explorer Toolset Forums is for the toolset. We're not here to field questions for UDK, Texmod, Wenchy, Gibbed, hair mods, or other programs.
2. Coalesced modding is outside the toolset's purview. The coalesced tool inside ME3Explorer is aimed at mod devs not users; it also shouldn't be used atm.
3. Questions about meshes and textures don't belong in this area.
4. Anyone may post here, but don't expect an answer. You may get one, you may not.
5. If you have a question about installing someone else's texture mod, this is not the place for those questions. Ask that author.
6. If you have questions about how to use the toolset, see the wiki. If you need further help, ask in Toolset Help.
7. See the various tutorials on these forums before asking a question.
8. Once your question is answered/solved, edit your OP to mark it as such. Moderators will lock the thread.
9. Threads are locked after 6 months of inactivity.

If you are working on a specific project, place all questions related to that project in the same thread. Do NOT spam the forum with loads of small threads in an attempt to receive a response. Separate threads will be merged by moderators. Users who ignore this warning repeatedly will be banned.

Users who are interested in creating mods for release, should post a thread in the Mod Ideas and Requests section with your idea to generate feedback :)
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