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STICKY | Mods in Development

Complimentary board where content modders may host dev threads for mods destined for release. Communicate information, find testers, release Betas, etc.

STICKY | Mods in Development

Postby giftfish » 28 Aug 2016, 16:49

This area of the forum is provided as a courtesy to folks who develop single-player content mods for release using the toolset. It may be used to communicate information, exchange ideas, find testers, release betas, etc.

Please keep the following in mind:

1. This is not a technical support board. Provide support for your mod -- once released -- on its hosting site. Sidenote: Tumblr and mediafire are not hosting sites. Do your users a favor and host your mod on a hosting site created for that exact purpose. ModDB, Nexusmods, etc. This helps lessen your responsibility for support by allowing the community to field questions.

2. If development for your mod has been inactive for a period of one year, we will assume the mod is no longer being developed and the thread will be locked and archived. If you wish to resume development with the same thread, just pop us a PM and we'll get it unlocked/moved asap. That said, it probably isn't a bad idea to start a new thread under those circumstances -- especially for a new release. Modding tools change, ideas become more refined, etc.

3. When your mod is released, please put a [RELEASED] tag in front of the thread title. Please also post an announcement in the New Mods Spotlight global sticky :)

4. Feel free to start a new thread when developing a subsequent release of your mod. If development is extremely active, thread length can get a bit unwieldy. Just make sure the version is clear in the thread title. The old thread can then be locked and archived.

Note: If you are a texture/mesh modder and previously developed in this area, we no longer support development for these types of mods on this board. However, upon initial release or subsequent releases, we encourage you to post an announcements about your new mods in the New Mods Spotlight global sticky.
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