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[ARTICLE] Texplorer

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[ARTICLE] Texplorer

Postby giftfish » 20 Jun 2015, 23:36

Article Name -- Texplorer
Status -- Complete
URL -- http://me3explorer.wikia.com/wiki/Texplorer

Ah, the Big Daddy of articles that I've been dreading, lol...

This is still a major WIP. The Background section is close to being finished, but I still have some details to add. The Usage and FAQ obviously haven't been started yet.

Unless you see something that is inaccurate, please hold off on feedback until I make a post that the Background section is complete. It doesn't pay to provide feedback on something that I might be changing :)

Also, keep in mind that the Texplorer article is a part of the "Getting Started" article. It has its own subsection with a link there, as well as a notification at the top of the page that "Getting Started" should be completed *first*.

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Re: [ARTICLE] Texplorer

Postby CreeperLava » 21 Jun 2015, 07:06

This wiki is going to be very useful, you did (and are doing) a great job explaining all the little details of me3explorer, some of them I forgot about a long time ago (SVN Updater)^^.
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Re: [ARTICLE] Texplorer

Postby giftfish » 21 Jun 2015, 16:39

I've got a variety of FAQ's up, which have been copied from the threads here. Feel free to look at these and *definitely* suggest more.

I've added a very brief outline to the Usage section; just some subheadings. Much of this section will be taken directly from K's tutorial, expanded a bit, and "tidied" up.

Still wrapping up the background section. I have to make sure I have everything covered from both Fob's and Otte's tutorials that still applies.

On a related note --

1. I've added a new section on how to properly vanilla to the "Getting Started" guide.
2. I still need to modify the related section in the Troubleshooting area. This will now be shorter, pointing users to the new section in Getting Started.
3. The two Texture FAQs in Troubleshooting has been relocated to the Texplorer article. The black texture FAQ will be replicated in the TPF Tools article. It's just easier to do that, then place certain texture FAQs in the general Troubleshooting and others in with the tools. Users will expect to see them in the tool FAQ areas.

Re: [ARTICLE] Texplorer

Postby giftfish » 22 Jun 2015, 18:56

Related hanges to Getting Started and Troubleshooting are done. Feel free to comment.

I'll give the Background section another look after lunch. Feedback will be ready at that point. Will update this post.

Re: [ARTICLE] Texplorer

Postby giftfish » 22 Jun 2015, 23:07

Okie doke, Background and FAQ are finished. Note that I think more FAQs should probably be added -- please make suggestions in the thread.

I'm going to take a wiki break for a day and do some modding tomorrow, so I'll start with Usage on Wednesday. Should be done by the weekend... I hope. Image sections can take a while.

Re: [ARTICLE] Texplorer

Postby giftfish » 24 Jun 2015, 18:14

Treebuilding section complete; GUI overview is underway.

Re: [ARTICLE] Texplorer

Postby giftfish » 24 Jun 2015, 22:30

Coming into the home stretch and need some clarification on several menu items:

1. Tree IO -- what does this do? I'm afraid to click it, lol...
2. Rebuild Database -- I assume that this will rebuild the tree for the selected game. Is there any other significance? Will it delete your current tree for that game? Is it functioning wall?
3. Update TOCs -- Does this specifically run AutoTOC for all TOCs? If not, it needs to.
4. Search -- Why a search menu option when the search bar is already present? I noticed it takes a few moments to open, as well.
5. Regenerate thumbnails -- Obviously this rebuilds the thumbnail cache; why would a user ever need to do this, though?
6. Add DLC to Tree -- Does this work? I know there's been discussions about implementing this feature, but I didn't think it was an option yet.

I could also use some clarification on the Mod/TPF buttons before I click them, lol. Can't afford to bork my install right now.

Re: [ARTICLE] Texplorer

Postby CreeperLava » 25 Jun 2015, 06:57

1. Tree IO allows you to import or export your tree from a little popup that appears when you click on it, there is no danger^^.
2. Rebuild Database allows indeed to rebuild the tree for the selected game, by deleting the previous tree first. There may be some subtility I am not aware of in the process :). I used it and it worked perfectly.
6. Add DLC to Tree does not work yet afaik. When clicking the button, it tells you "Not implemented yet".

For the other tools, you could use a VM to test the buttons^^. I can make an overview anyways :

ModMaker without any mod loaded :
1. Load : Well, pretty straight forward, allows you to load one or multiple .mod in ModMaker
2. Run All : runs all jobs set by the mods loaded, if they have been correctly updated of course
3. Clear All Jobs : clears all jobs listed, allows you for example to remove all the installed jobs before loading more.
4. Save All to .mod : does what it says, you can merge all jobs together in one .mod
5. Change Game Paths : opens a popup named "Game Path Changer", where you can edit the BIOGame path for all three games by browsing for it.
6. Help : redirects you to here : tutorial-modmaker-2-0-ish-t1427.html

With a .mod loaded, there are waaay more buttons once you select a job :
First panel :
1. Run selected : Runs the job you currently select (first one in the picture)
2. Save Selected to .mod : Saves the job you currently select to a .mod
3. Move Up : moves the selected job up in the list, i.e. increases it's priority.
4. Move Down : same as before
5. Extract Data : allows you to extract the dds composing the job wherever you want, and lets you rename it in the process.
6. By shift+right-clicking, you can select more jobs
Second panel, list of pcc's (see image) :
1. Select All : selects all pcc's or if all are selected, deselects all of them
2. Update job : only important if you chose “No” to updating when loading the .mod, lets you update it
3. When clicking a pcc, you get some options you can edit : the Path (e.g. BioD_End001_435CommRoom.pcc), and the ExpID (e.g. 4533).
4. No idea what the use of the button “Game Version” is, but it displays by default the version of the game your mod is made for
Third Panel, script :
1. There are two buttons “>>” and “<<<”, allowing you to make this panel bigger (by covering the second panel) or smaller (by putting it to the side). Whatever you do, both buttons will always be visible.
2. Reset Script : Lets you replace the current, updated script with the original in the selected jobs. There is a warning message.
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Re: [ARTICLE] Texplorer

Postby CreeperLava » 25 Jun 2015, 07:34

Double-posting for the sake of clear posts^^.

TPF/DDS Tools 3.0 :

1. Load : load one or more dds, TPF, Metpf, jpg, jpeg, png, bmp
2. Extract : Drop down menu, two options : Extract all or Extract Invalids. Does exactly what it says. Lets you bulk extract dds' in TPFs to a selected folder.
3. Clear all files : same as ModMaker, clears the list
4. Rebuild TPF : strange feature I don't know a lot about, basically lets you create an Metpf, but I have no idea how and what the use of it is.
5. Run Autofix : greyed out until you have analysed, lets you then autofix the potential problems
6. Help : displays a bunch of tooltips that can help you understand, and redirects you to here : tutorial-tpf-dds-tools-3-0-t1428.html
7. Load .mod : lets you load a .mod and attempts to convert to tpf, doesn't seem to work from what I can see, it gets stuck. I'll have to file in a bug report^^.
8. Change Game Paths : same as ModMaker
9. Modding MEX : displays the game you are currently modding, can be changed by clicking on it

There are two tabs on the right : “Preview” and “PCC's”, I think you already know what they do^^.

Bottom part : can't test it right now, I don't have an me3tree.bin yet, I'm waiting for updates in the DLC mods I want to include. From what I recall, “analyse with Texplorer” is required for any operation, it shows the valid and invalid textures. “Save valid to .mod” creates a .mod with the valid textures. “Install valid” does what it says. “Autofix and install” basically merges the autofix and install valid buttons.
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Re: [ARTICLE] Texplorer

Postby KFreon » 25 Jun 2015, 08:04

@Gift: 1, 2, and 6, and almost all of the Modmaker stuff well covered by Creeper. Thanks for that :D
FYI, the point of the Game Version button is to allow you to change the targeted game if, for example, modmaker guesses wrong. This should almost never have to be done, but for some of the shared textures between ME2 and 3, it can guess wrong, and you might have to force it to a different game.

3. Update TOC's: Updates all TOC's in the same way it does after installing textures.
4. Search: Best not to use this. I should probably remove this button and the Add to DLC button... It does work, just worse. I left it there in case someone wanted to browse the textures while able to search different stuff. Dunno why you would, but I also left it there cos it wasn't my code.
5. Rebuild Thumbnails: I added this cos I found myself wanting to treescan a bit without keeping the thumbnails around (too big). Most users won't ever have to use this. Perhaps only if their thumbnails fail to generate sometimes.

Great stuff with TPFTools too Creeper :D
- Rebuild TPF is the same as "Save all to .mod". It allows you to combine all loaded textures into a TPF, either using Texmod (with some autoIT black magic, which has been known to fail and is easily accidentally interrupted), or as an METPF, which is Salt's attempt at completely removing our dependence on Texmod for building TPF's. METPF's are incompatible with Texmod though, but work fine with ME3Explorer.
- Didn't know load .mod was broken :( It was just a convenience anyway, as you can just load it in Modmaker and extract textures, then stick them in TPFTools.
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