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That moment when all the ME3 DLC is 60€

General chat about Mass Effect or otherwise.

That moment when all the ME3 DLC is 60€

Postby deadspear » 22 May 2016, 13:20

So if you want to buy the DLC legit you have to buy the Bioware points which range from 5€ to 20€. They come in different packages inbetween, which we all know aren't meant to be the exact value of the DLC, like you buy one for 10€ and you have some left over when you buy the DLC.
But I calculated that, if you buy 3 + max Bioware point packs. 20 € each. Then you can buy all the DLC. Isn't it kind of absurd that the DLC for a 4 year old game, is basically the same cost as a whole new game?
Dragon Age Inquisition Game of the Year is less then that and that thing isn't 2 years old. Its like 40€ to get everything. Deluxe + DLC.
Also I mean stuff like, Citadel or maybe Omega, I'd pay 15 € for, maybe. But a comic, a weapon pack? Also this isn't counting the "upgrade" to the Deluxe edition. Which is like 5 €. So in total if I wanted to upgrade my standard edition Mass Effect 3, I'd have to fork over 65€ to have everything legit. Does anyone also think that is absurd as hell.
From Ashes (10€ standalone ("Prothean Pack" + Special Squad Alternative outfits) is more then the Deluxe Upgrade (5€ = From Ashes (Presumably you get the Outfits too) + Hoodie + Robodog + Arsinal) which tells you what kinda logic we are dealing with here.
I mean is there any reason to really get the DLC? If what which and any comments? Or am I the only one having an issue with this pricing?
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Re: That moment when all the ME3 DLC is 60€

Postby CreeperLava » 22 May 2016, 13:37

Definitely absurd, I still haven't bought all DLCs and probably won't until a true trilogy edition comes out. As for advice, there are many posts about this on the Mass Effect subreddit :).
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Re: That moment when all the ME3 DLC is 60€

Postby SirCxyrtyx » 22 May 2016, 16:47

Since ME3 is my favorite game, I do own all the DLC, but it's not all really necessary. The appearance packs and weapon packs can be skipped, but I would highly recommend getting all the story DLCs: Leviathan, Omega, Citadel and From Ashes. My thinking is, if you're modding a game, then that means you like it so much you want more of it. So shouldn't you be getting all the official expansions to the game?
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Re: That moment when all the ME3 DLC is 60€

Postby FemShep » 25 May 2016, 20:39

I remember WV told me he never paid at all for the game or any of the DLCs. Struck me as odd.
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