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The Mess Hall

A hodgepodge of forums that includes OT and Introduction areas. Toolset users with ideas or basic questions about modding the trilogy should find helpful info here.
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  • General References and Tutorials
    General references and tutorials not related to textures, meshes, or content modding.This board is locked and will be archived once transferred to the wiki. New content should be posted directly to the wiki.
    15 Topics
    164 Posts
    Last post by giftfish View the latest post
    27 Aug 2016, 22:29
  • How do I...?
    Basic questions on how to achieve certain modding goals with the toolset. Texture and mesh-related questions have their own subforum. Answers not guaranteed.
    223 Topics
    1388 Posts
    Last post by FemShep View the latest post
    05 Jan 2017, 17:07
  • Introductions
    New to the community? Come on in and tell us about yourself. Welcome!
    67 Topics
    210 Posts
    Last post by KFreon View the latest post
    07 Nov 2016, 12:56
  • Mod Ideas and Requests
    User-centric area to discuss ideas and request mods. Toolset modders may also float ideas for new mods here; if pursued, the thread can be relocated to Mods in Development.
    114 Topics
    877 Posts
    Last post by Sil View the latest post
    10 Dec 2016, 21:35
  • Off Topic
    General chat about Mass Effect or otherwise.
    112 Topics
    741 Posts
    Last post by thommaal View the latest post
    07 Jan 2017, 13:24
  • Other People's Stuff
    We don't provide mod support; that's the mod author's job. Contact them with questions, first. If they are no longer supporting the mod, you may ask here, but there's no guarantee of an answer.
    71 Topics
    378 Posts
    Last post by eriol33 View the latest post
    30 Sep 2016, 12:17
  • TexMesh Tutorials
    Dedicated area for texture and mesh-related tutorials. This includes modder's tutorials such as how to create your own TFC files. Do NOT post help requests in tutorials; use the relevant help board below.
    19 Topics
    56 Posts
    Last post by Tarshana View the latest post
    14 Oct 2016, 07:03
  • Mesh and Model Discussion
    Area for discussions related to meshes/models, 3D modeling programs, and the like. Can cross over into texture-related discussion. As with other non-toolset related areas, answers not guaranteed.
    106 Topics
    1019 Posts
    Last post by Ottemis View the latest post
    18 Dec 2016, 16:19
  • Texture Discussion
    Area for texture-specific, modding-related discussion. Topics that involve models/meshes/actors go in the mesh area. As with other non-toolset related content, answers not guaranteed.
    77 Topics
    457 Posts
    Last post by CreeperLava View the latest post
    20 Nov 2016, 08:25

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