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Thought I'd drop in and say hi!

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Thought I'd drop in and say hi!

Postby StoneSwords » 25 Jan 2014, 03:01

Just wanted to drop by and say hi to everybody! I've made many playthroughs of all 3 games with all DLC, but just recently started my first playthrough with all the different texture mods that are floating around, and I must say, ME1 looked like a completely new game with CDAMJC's textures! I'm currently playing through a heavily modded game of ME2, with the exception of the HDeyes one that caused all my characters to have bloodshot eyes on close ups, but so far I'm having a blast playing through with the improved textures. I'm very much looking forward to playing through ME3 with the different texture mods in smarteck's thread on the BSN, along with MEHEM, which I watched a video of on youtube. I also had read somewhere on here that changing or tweaking the story content might be possible eventually, so I'm definitly sticking around for that, as I am one of the people that was very disappointed with how the endings were handled in ME3 by the writers. I always wondered why Bioware didn't at least add new ending options to the already existing ones. Anyway, I'm done with my paragraph lol. Hope to see you guys around these forums as well as the BSN :)

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