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User-centric area for specific questions & problems related to using ME3Explorer tools. This is not a modding "how to" area. Read the sticky before posting!
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TPF help

04 Jan 2017, 05:26

I download ME3Explorer and everything works beautifully, love your work, but after a few hours I start up TPF Tools and the explorer crashes, so I go through and re-download and re-set it all up again and it works beautiful again for a few hours then crashes on starting up TPF again, I have down this 5 times now. Do you have any idea why it is doing that, please love the program just need help while I still have hair left that hasn't been pulled out? lol

Re: TPF help

04 Jan 2017, 08:13

We need more details to be able to help you, such as what exactly you were doing or trying to do when it crashed.
There's also a bunch of information available here : sticky-before-asking-for-help-t2286.html

Re: TPF help

04 Jan 2017, 18:33

I wasn't doing anything other then clicking the TPF tool, it works fine for awhile but then all I do is click the button and it says the program needs to shut down.

Re: TPF help

04 Jan 2017, 19:51

@Spiritwalker53: Assuming you've checked the wiki, please fill in (where applicable) and post the template provided in the link Creeper gave you.
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