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TUTORIAL: Dialogue Editing

Made by modders for modders. Step-by-step instructions on how to achieve specific modding goals with ME3Explorer. We *strongly* encourage you to post new tutorials on the wiki.

Re: TUTORIAL: Dialogue Editing

Postby WarrantyVoider » 06 Nov 2014, 19:23

cool^^ thanks alot

greetz WV
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Re: TUTORIAL: Dialogue Editing

Postby giftfish » 20 Nov 2014, 23:16

Section A of Part 3 is up. Probably 2 more sections in that Part yet. Should have another up by the end of the weekend :)



Re: TUTORIAL: Dialogue Editing

Postby giftfish » 01 Dec 2014, 23:12

FYI, Part 3 is now finished; section 3.B is up:


Part 3 is especially long, so I'll be hiding more under spoilers as I continue to tweak the format over the next day or two.

Also up is the State Transition appendix: post11906.html#p11906.

EDIT: Reformatting is complete. Fully spoilerified :]

Re: TUTORIAL: Dialogue Editing

Postby giftfish » 14 Feb 2015, 04:02

Sorry about the delay again, folks. I meant to have this wrapped up last month. Unfortunately, I decided to help with the new wiki and that's been sucking all my free time that isn't spent modding.

I need to finish the User Tools and Resources for the wiki before I can get back to this. By that time, I'll likely also be done working on Jacob for BackOff. This is a good thing, b/c I'm actually still learning new things about dialogue editing and working on Jacob (and Kelly and Sam before him) has been a very good "refresher." I'll be better equipped to write the last and most advanced portion of the tutorial.

I'm guessing it will be 4-6 weeks before it's posted. Could be sooner...or later. Apologies that I can't be more precise.


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