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Additional Star-Systems from the Lore

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Additional Star-Systems from the Lore

Postby Sil » 15 Sep 2016, 22:08

Additional Star-systems Not in the Games

The idea behind this is to try and design more star systems to the game based on the lore that comes from the Cerberus News Network messages of Mass Effect 2, and other sources as well. I’m mostly writing this when I struggle to write up a section of the mod that’ll be the first one I attempt to make. That way I keep writing, keep practicing and keep my head in the setting I'm exploring.

I’ll admit that I’ll have to make up planets for this, but I’ll do my best to make the planets feel correct for the setting and not to add anything extreme or overly lore-breaking. I care a lot for the lore, but saying that, I care a lot about exploring new stuff too! If anyone has any ideas for how to improve any of these suggestions, I’d be very happy to hear them.

A lot of these will come from the research I did in this thread

Warning: I should also mention that the numbers used for mass, distance etc. are made up. I've tried to base each roughly on some real world planets, but it's far from perfect.

Unclassified Star System: NBE-647 (Fanmade Star Name)


There are a couple of stories, from Cerberus News Network, that involve the Nubian Expanse cluster. Because neither story has an in-game counterpart, I think they can be put into the same system. Mostly this is because only one of them is a doomed garden world, the other is a battle that took place between Eldfell-Ashland Energy ships and a massive starship of unknown origin. I presume the massive starship is meant to be a Reaper, but the timing of it seems very wrong to me, so maybe it is another unknown enemy that was responsible. To make it an easier system to add I’m going to limit the number of planets to three, with an asteroid field and the wreckage of the Eldfell-Ashland Energy fleet.

Here are the sources I used for this, as you will see, they are entirely lawful as Cerberus News Network messages were shown in Mass Effect 2:

Although there isn’t a lot that throws the two stories together, it is possible they are linked; 433-Spidau’s star system is first discovered far into the Expanse, and then there are clashes over newly discovered asteroids on the outskirts of the expanse. I think it makes sense to put the two together, also it gives a potential for a war asset in the wreckage of the fleet.

From the Cerberus News Network messages I would assume that the star is pretty far out from the other systems on the galaxy map. I would place it to the east, as far as seems fair for a player to venture out to.

System Information


As this has a garden world, it wouldn’t be beyond reason to have a star that is similar to Sol, so reusing a normal yellow star seems fine to me.

113 Kerad (Fan-made)


I didn’t want it to feel like too bare a star system by having only one planet, so I’ve added a couple more to go with it. They will both be generic. This one is meant to be very similar to Mercury in our system, a small world that is close to the sun and covered with craters. Nothing special about it at all. The name is taken from one of the salarians mentioned in the news stories related to 433 Spidau.


“As with the rest of the star system, 113 Kerad never received a true designation and retains its original planetary code name. The Salarian Institute for Exo-Archeological Research wished to explore the ruins of 433 Spidau to uncover the language used by the extinct inhabitants and generate suitable names for the planets based upon their tongue.

113 Kerad is geologically dead, and the planet is home only to numberless asteroid craters and large reserves of iron ore. The only information of note is that it is tidally locked to the local star. It is just another unimportant world in a galaxy full of them, and with the Reaper invasion, it is highly unlikely to be remembered at all.”

Orbital Distance: 0.39 AU
Orbital Period: 129 Earth Days
Keplerian Ratio: N/A
Radius: 2,596 km
Day Length: 0.0
Atm. Pressure: 0.0 atm
Surface Temp: 464oC
Surface Gravity: 0.35g
Mass: 0.06 Earth Mass
Satellites: N/A

433 Spidau (Canon)


This planet is the most important part of this system, it is the whole reason that it might even be added to the game. The look of the planet can match any of the other ruined worlds that are in the game, it doesn’t need to look particularly special. Etamis would provide a decent enough look for the planet, maybe with thicker cloud cover to demonstrate the nuclear dust clouds.


“This planet was accidentally discovered by a deep-space mining ship in CE2185. It was a matter of intense interest to the Salarian Institute for Exo-Archeological Research because it was the seventh civilisation that has been found which had destroyed itself through nuclear conflict. Evidence collected by the institute suggests that ninety cities were wiped out in the exchange of nuclear weapons a thousand years ago. Radiation can still be detected at many of these sites, and the nuclear winter is still ongoing.

Following the discovery, the Salarian Institute for Exo-Archeological Research came under scrutiny because advanced weapon caches found on the planet went missing in transit back to Sur’kesh. The blame was squarely placed on the shoulders of salarian intelligence agencies. Despite the scandal, the institute maintained an exclusive presence on the planet until the Reaper invasion began, causing the expedition to abandon its research and return to the homeworld. Pirates and mercenary bands have been spotted in the vicinity of the planet, but none are believed to have found any more hidden caches.”

Orbital Distance: 1.35 AU
Orbital Period: 1.6 Earth Years
Keplerian Ratio: 0.961
Radius: 6,149 km
Day Length: 22.9 Earth Hours
Atm. Pressure: 0.8 atm
Surface Temp: -21.7oC
Surface Gravity: 0.9g
Mass: 0.96 Earth Mass
Satellites: 1


I think this place could make use of a war asset, to justify it as a place to visit during the course of the game. From the Cerberus News Network stories, it is clear that the salarians found hidden and advanced weapons caches on the planet, likely to be weapons of mass destruction that were used to wipe their own civilisation out. I wouldn’t assign a lot of war assets to them, but they would be additional armaments for the war.

433 Spidau WMD’s
Military Strength: +5

Seven civilisations have been discovered that destroyed themselves through nuclear holocaust, and 433 Spidau was the seventh. Large stockpiles of nuclear warheads have been discovered deep beneath the surface of the planet, though a thousand years old, these weapons can be retrofitted and upgraded. They will then be used against the Reapers on planets where ecosystems are a non-issue.

Asteroid Field (Fan-made)


This is an asteroid field, there is no need for any specific asteroids that you can look at closely, but having them on the galaxy map will make the system look more realistic. I would suggest putting these at Orbital Distance 1.79 AU.

704 Jarwinar (Fan-made)


This planet is there so that it acts as an asteroid collector, sparing 433 Spidau from them, allowing life to flourish without being wiped out in a collision. There is nothing special about this place, no ancient helium-3 mining colonies, no debris, just an old gas giant.


”Similar to the other planets in this system, 704 Jarwinar is a little known quantity. It appears to be a standard hydrogen-helium gas giant surrounded by the usual array of moons. It has a thin ring that has none of the grandeur of rings around gas giants like Saturn. One of the few noteworthy features is its current code name, which features the name of the disgraced former Director of the Salarian Institute for Exo-Archeological Research, Narid Jarwinar.”

Orbital Distance: 3.9 AU
Orbital Period: 7.7 Earth Years
Keplerian Ratio: 1
Radius: 69,813 km
Day Length: 17.4 Earth Hours
Atm. Pressure: N/A
Surface Temp: N/A
Surface Gravity: N/A
Mass: N/A
Satellites: >20

Asteroid Field (Fan-made)


This is much the same as the other asteroid fields in the game, they are there to make a system more interesting. This one has no asteroids that are named, it’s just an field that cannot be interacted with. However, this is the location I’m having the Quarians and Eldfell-Ashland Energy fleets getting pissy at each other over. So the wreckage will be quite nearby. I would place it at about 5.1AU from the star.

Wreckage (Semi-Canon)

This is linked to the news story about the Quarians and Eldfell-Ashland Energy company being at odds before a massive starship destroys the EAE fleet and the blame is pinned on the quarians until a survivor confirms it wasn’t them. The assumption, I suppose, is that the starship was a Reaper but it seems a bit random and a bit far away from everywhere else they attack months afterwards. I prefer to think of it as another alien race with a big ol’ship, but no matter what it is or isn’t, the wreckage is all that remains. I would place this just outside the asteroid field, maybe at 5.4 AU.


“Months before the Reaper invasion there was a scandal involving the Migrant Fleet and Eldfell-Ashland Energy over mining rights to several asteroids rich in palladium, which ended with the EAE’s fleet being destroyed. Blame was first laid at the hands of the quarians, before survivors were picked up that claimed a massive starship was responsible.

This is the wreckage of the Eldfell-Ashland Energy fleet, these ruined starships are silent; lifepods hold the dead like coffins and there is no activity left, not even a warning beacon.”


This gives 300 units of fuel.

Unclassified Star System: SM2183 Rua (Canon)

There is a single story on the Cerberus News Network that deals with this star system and planet, and though it is an easter egg regarding Superman, it’s still loreful too due to appearing on a console for CDN in ME2. I think it’d be wrong to consider it not worthy of being added to the game at all just because of it being an easter egg.


Planet DC1938 Explodes After Core Fusion

“DC1938, a small garden world circling the red supergiant SM2183 Rua exploded today in a rare phenomenon called core fusion. The planet’s uranium core collapsed in on itself, igniting a thermonuclear explosion large enough to rupture the planet into several pieces. The shock wave and loss of atmosphere has reportedly killed more than five billion native inhabitants. There is one known survivor; an infant rocketed from the planet in an FTL escape pod picked up by the human cruiser MSV Kent. The inhabitants of the planet, previously unknown to the galaxy, were a spacefaring race who used crystalline matrices for their computing needs. The infant has been taken to medical facilities in the local cluster, where he is breathing gases in a ratio similar to the atmosphere of his home planet; 65% nitrogen, 20% oxygen, and 15% krypton.”

Position of Star System

In Arcturus Stream (on EGM at least), south-south-east of the star system Euler is a red dot that looks like it could resemble a star shining red (although it could also be the coloured nebula behind it causing the colour. Either way, this seems like a decent place to put SM2183 Rua because it is known to be a red supergiant star. I also feel putting it into the Arcturus Stream suits nicely as the story does mention the child being brought to the local cluster, but doesn’t specify whether it means a cluster that is local, or Local Cluster. I’m assuming Local Cluster, which is near to Arcturus.

Star (Canon)


As specified in the news article the star here is a red supergiant.

Asteroid Field


A thin band of asteroids not too far out from the supergiant star. Added to make the system seem more populated, and because I guess other planets were destroyed and they could’ve ended up as a belt around the red giant.

DH1993 (Fan-made)


With the planets in this system I’m going to keep running with the comic theme, but not by adding in more populated worlds based on popular heroes, just using the names. In this case its Dark Horse Comics and the year that Hellboy first appeared. I’m only adding two other worlds to the system because I don’t feel it needs to be largely populated. Because this system is a red giant, I’m not entirely sure on how to represent distances etc, so I feel it best to not bother for now.


”A barren, lifeless planet that surprised researchers when they discovered evidence that it had once harboured life. Preliminary scans showed evidence of chalk, which can only be formed when the remains of microscopic creatures are subjected to heat and pressure over millions of years. It is believed that there had been a budding microscopic ecosystem on the planet, before it was scorched by hellish solar radiation when SM2183 grew into a red supergiant star.

TRAVEL ADVISORY: Due to the cracking of planet DC1938 pilots are advised to exercise extreme caution when traversing this system, and to treat it as a system wide asteroid field until further notice.”

DC1938 (Canon)


This is the only planet in the system that is actually part of the lore, and there isn’t a great deal of lore to go with. Since DC1938 has cracked apart from the core collapsing in on itself, it cannot be represented by a standard planet from the game, and from what I recall there are no other planets in the game that have been broken apart this way. I think the best way would be to have a number of those larger “enter orbit” asteroid models to represent it breaking apart, with a marker on the map to denote the centre of where it once was. However, it will need a new visual image for when you enter orbit.


”A rare example of a garden world orbiting a red giant, DC1938 is unfortunately part of another rare statistic; it is a planet that has been destroyed by a phenomenon known as Core Fusion. This is caused by the uranium core collapsing in on itself, igniting a thermonuclear explosion large enough to rupture the planet into several pieces. The shockwave blew away the atmosphere, wiping out the entire ecosystem of the world.

DC1938 had been inhabited by a spacefaring people, previously unknown to the galaxy, who used crystalline matrixes for their computing needs. An estimated five billion inhabitants of the planet were killed in the catastrophe, with only one confirmed survivor; a baby rescued from a shuttle by MSV Kent. The infant was taken to the Local Cluster for medical treatment.

Since its destruction the system has been closed down to all but specially designated science vessels and the Systems Alliance fleets. Though it is not unheard of for pirates and grave robbers to try and steal technology from the dead world.

TRAVEL ADVISORY: Due to the cracking of planet DC1938 pilots are advised to exercise extreme caution when traversing this system, and to treat it as a system wide asteroid field until further notice.”



No prizes for guessing which comic company I’ve referenced here, yes, it’s Marvel and the year is the first time that Iron Man appeared in the comics. MV1963 is intended to be a gas giant, not a particularly special one but it should have evidence of mining by the species that inhabited DC1938, perhaps with automated mining rather than peopled space stations. I felt there needed to be a gas giant in the system to soak up asteroids and protect other worlds from having the life on them from being wiped out.


”There is little here to draw the eye of anyone visiting the system, but an ugly exterior hides rich quantities of helium-3, and a belt of moons ripe for harvesting for precious minerals and metal ores. There is clear evidence that the inhabitants of DC1938 were strip mining the orbiting moons and were performing atmospheric mining on the gas giant itself, all using automated systems. Not a single soul has been found in the vicinity of this planet.

Early scans of the system noted that the largest surviving chunk of the planet DC1938 is now on a collision course with MV1963. This garnered significant interest in the scientific community, with many asari scientists preparing to visit the system in centuries to come to witness the impact first hand.

TRAVEL ADVISORY: Due to the cracking of planet DC1938 pilots are advised to exercise extreme caution when traversing this system, and to treat it as a system wide asteroid field until further notice.”
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